About Me

Everyone’s reason for travel is different and that’s one of my favourite things about travel, meeting new people and hearing their stories! So what’s my story? Why do I travel?

nepalese Himalayas - travel

A little bit about me

For most of my life I’ve trained as a synchronised swimmer, starting off as a tiny 8 year old I grew to love this sport more than I ever could have imagined. It’s not your average sport, that’s for sure, but it’s creative and beautiful and I got to spend all the time I wanted to in the water, I guess I’m pretty much a real life mermaid! What started off as a hobby turned into an 8 year career as a member of the Australian National Team. I competed in numerous World Championships, World Cups and the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympic Games!

I travelled the world with my team, I got a taste of what was out there and how much there was to see. But everytime I travelled I had a job to do and that meant I spent most of my time at a pool without a lot of time to actually get out and see the city I was in! I visited pools in Paris, Shanghai, Beijing, London, Zurich, Yokohama, Bonn, Mallorca, Rome and that’s just to name a few. As far as I can tell it’s these experiences that are to blame for infecting me with the travel bug!

competing in the 2012 London Olympic Games - travel

Where to next?

After competing in the 2012 London Olympics, I made the decision to retire from competitive synchronised swimming. At 23 years old I was a retiree and I really had no idea what I was going to do with the rest of my life so I booked a trip with a good friend of mine and visited Nepal and India. You could say this trip was a life changing moment for me, I’d visited close to 20 countries  by this point but how many of them had I really seen and really EXPERIENCED? Not a lot. Nepal and India changed this, these countries took me out of my comfort zone and exposed me to culture, history and most importantly beautiful people. From this moment on I was hooked. Travel took a hold of me and I can only hope it never let’s go!

nepal - travel

India - travel

nepal - travel

In 2013 I started a marketing degree at the Queensland University of Technology, every time I had a break from study I would book a trip. I learnt to snowboard in Japan, trekked to Machu Picchu in Peru, explored the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, visited Orangutan sanctuaries in Borneo, swam with dolphins and manta rays in Hawaii and trekked to hill tribes in Northern Thailand. The problem was these odd trips, amazing as they were didn’t seem to be quite enough for me.

I chose adventure

In my final year of studying I started planning the adventure of a lifetime. Upon graduating uni I quit my job in retail, started a blog and took off for an epic year of travel! Some bits were planned and some were spontaneous, I travelled with family, friends, my boyfriend or in group tours and I had my first real taste of solo travel. I experienced and learnt more than I ever thought possible and grew as a person. I don’t mean to brag but it was a pretty incredible year and it is these experiences (and many more to come) that fuel this blog. If I can inspire just one person to get out there and see more of this world then I will be happy!

Why do I travel?

I travel for adventure and I crave a challenge! I’m happy to hike for hours or days if it means I get to experience somewhere remote and wonderful, in fact I’m more than happy, It’s all I want to do! I love to view animals in the wild and I will often book a trip specifically for this reason. I understand that our world is precious and I’m always conscious to do my bit through sustainable travel practices.

bengal tiger, india - travel

polar bear, Canada - travel

sri Lankan elephants - travel

So that’s my story, I haven’t lived a normal life and I don’t plan on starting anytime soon, I travel for adventure, experiences and to see as much as a possibly can! What’s your story? Why do you travel? I’d love to hear it!