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  • Caye Caulker
    Central America

    Caye Caulker is unBELIZEable!

    Located in the Caribbean sea, Caye Caulker is a small sand island off the coast of Belize. Accessible only by speed boat or small plane the island is an absolute paradise.…

  • Asia

    Reid siblings do Cambodia!

    This was the last leg of my Asian adventure, 5 months, 2 continents, 10 countries and a final Intrepid tour through Cambodia was how it was all going to end! And…

  • Asia Europe

    Turkey with Geckos Adventures

    Turkey has always been somewhere I’ve been dying to visit. I did have a bit of trouble making the decision to visit with the current unrest in the country but in…

  • Asia

    Adventures in Myanmar

    I’d pre-booked a tour in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) before I left Australia and I managed to convince my parents to join me for this leg of my journey (not…

  • Asia

    Magical Nepal

    The mountains of Nepal are more than magical, they're absolutely spectacular and trekking in the Annapurna Himalayan region is more beautiful than you can even imagine. This sort of beauty is…

  • Rasa Ria Orangutan


    Borneo the land of orangutans, magnificent national parks, UNESCO world heritage sites, white sandy beaches, tropical islands, long nosed (proboscis) monkeys, gigantic caves and so so so much more! It’s hard…