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  • Asia

    Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka was a constant delight, from the people to the scenery, the beaches, history and incredible wildlife, there was nothing that Sri Lanka lacked apart from maybe a little bit…

  • Asia

    Rajasthan Wanderings

    The magical state of Rajasthan, a world of palaces and forts and all things grand you can't truly understand the magnificence of this place until you've experienced it for yourself but…

  • North America


    How many places in the world can you climb a volcano, lay on the beach and swim in a waterfall all in a day? As far as I know not many!…

  • Rasa Ria Orangutan


    Borneo the land of orangutans, magnificent national parks, UNESCO world heritage sites, white sandy beaches, tropical islands, long nosed (proboscis) monkeys, gigantic caves and so so so much more! It’s hard…